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The Hidden Risks of Your Restricted Diet

Many of us have considered a restricted diet at least once in our lives, regardless of whether we’re engaged in one right now or not. Many of us also have friends or relatives who are cutting certain foods out of their diet for moral, religious, or health reasons. Indeed, many restricted diets seem healthy from […]
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Why is the government urging us to stock up on vitamin D?

Recent advice from Public Health England (PHE) provides clear guidelines on how much vitamin D we should be taking daily to combat a marked increase in vitamin D deficiency, with an estimated one in five people in the UK experiencing low vitamin D levels, with worrying consequences for bone and muscle health. SACN Vitamin D […]
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What are micronutrients?

First, you have to know your difference between micros and macros. Macronutrients are proteins, carbohydrates and fat that are required by the body in large quantities for fuel. Micronutrients, on the other hand, are vitamins and minerals which are needed in smaller quantities, but are absolutely necessary for optimum performance of the body and mind. […]
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Why Take IV Vitamin Therapy Instead of Vitamin Pills?

  • Nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream and the cells
  • Only IV vitamin therapy can deliver the high concentrations required for clinical effectiveness
  • IV therapy avoids side effects like upset stomach and diarrhea that may occur with high-dose oral vitamins

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