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Vitamin drips to get you through the Summer festival season

Summer sees the start of the outdoor musical season and recovering with vitamin drip therapy has become a must have for hard-core festival goers. At this year’s Coachella festival, a mobile drip clinic was on hand offering hydration and hangover drips and last year Millie Mackintosh was snapped recovering from Glastonbury at a London drip […]
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Can IV vitamin therapy keep me well this winter?

With the temperature dropping and flu season upon us, many of us are keen to know whether there’s a way we can ensure we’re fighting fit all winter long. Whereas our mothers might not have been correct in telling us to wrap up warm or you’ll ‘catch a cold’, we’re certainly more susceptible to infection […]
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Can you enhance performance with an IV drip?

Athletes at every level, from professional to amateur, are always looking for ways to upgrade their performance, whether that’s adding miles to their training schedule or overhauling their diet. One increasingly popular, all-natural performance enhancer is IV drip therapy. Claim your personal best by boosting your levels of essential vitamins and minerals. Here’s how intravenous […]
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A question of timing: when is the best time to have a vitamin IV drip?

As the benefits of intravenous nutrient therapy become ever more widely known, many patients at our central London vitamin drip clinic embark on an ongoing treatment programme. But, is there any value in a one-off session? Here’s some of the key reasons people choose to undergo an intravenous drip: 1. Gearing up for a marathon? […]
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What’s in your drip?

IV Vitamin Drips is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people experience the benefits of replenishing nutrients for optimal health. As leading London IV experts, we have listened to our patient’s common concerns and combined different vitamins and minerals in a number of key IV cocktails. IV vitamin drips is a very safe procedure, […]
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5 Ways To Boost Athletic Performance

For men and women committed to boosting their athletic performance, whether it’s to dominate their 5-aside football game or shave valuable seconds off their personal best, here’s our top tips on how to give your best at all times. #1 Mind and body combined Cognitive ability might not be able to physically improve strength, skill […]
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Is it possible to reverse ageing?

Scientists at Harvard University are exploring whether there is a molecular fountain of youth. Introducing the co-enzyme NAD+ to mice, David Sinclair and his team were able to reverse the functional age of the muscle tissue, increasing muscle tone which decreases as you age. Oxidative stress and free radicals In recent years, it has become […]
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Athletes are embracing IV drips

The latest craze in the US is the proliferation of mobile IV drip units attending major running events, offering runners the chance to jump start their recovery process. Athletes have been using saline-only IVs to rehydrate after a big event for some time, but we are now seeing sports people, of all disciplines and at […]
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The Menopause and Calcium, the Magic Mineral

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, with over 99 per cent of it concentrated in our bones and teeth, but it is also found in the heart, nerves and blood clotting mechanism, so it’s vital for the optimum function of the body. We all know that a calcium deficiency can result in […]
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Magnesium: the Mighty Mineral

Magnesium is one of the seven essential vitamins dubbed macro minerals. That means the body requires over 100 mg a day for peak efficiency. Magnesium is required for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body; it keeps muscles and nerves functioning normally, maintains the rhythm of the heart, boosts the immune system and strengthens […]
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Why Take IV Vitamin Therapy Instead of Vitamin Pills?

  • Nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream and the cells
  • Only IV vitamin therapy can deliver the high concentrations required for clinical effectiveness
  • IV therapy avoids side effects like upset stomach and diarrhea that may occur with high-dose oral vitamins

Vitamins And Minerals Straight To Your Cells.

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