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US Life Expectancy Down – Implications and Lessons for the UK

Life expectancy in the UK is going strong, but recent events across the pond should remind us that anything can happen. For the first time in over 20 years life expectancy in the US is down. The latest data from the National Center for Health Statistics reports a seemingly small decline in life expectancy, from […]
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10 health benefits of a vitamin B12 shot

Our busy lifestyles mean that many of us are unknowingly deficient in key vitamins and minerals that are essential for the optimum performance of the body. Vitamin B12 plays an important role in many of the body’s functions and a deficiency in this valuable vitamin will quickly make itself known. It’s a water soluble which […]
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How to power your way through the London Marathon

This year’s London Marathon is fast approaching; on 24th April approximately 38,000 runners will attempt the world’s most famous long-distance event. So, if you’re one of those brave men and women aiming to run over 26 miles to raise valuable funds for your chosen charity or you’re a serious club runner wanting to achieve a […]
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Are B Vitamins the Ultimate Brain and Body Booster?

In the role call of super supplements, B vitamins often don’t get the attention they deserve. But, for those in the know, B vitamins are the nutritional powerhouses responsible for the optimal functioning of our brain and nervous system, which impacts on the body’s performance as a whole. What do B vitamins do? B-complex vitamins […]
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Why Take IV Vitamin Therapy Instead of Vitamin Pills?

  • Nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream and the cells
  • Only IV vitamin therapy can deliver the high concentrations required for clinical effectiveness
  • IV therapy avoids side effects like upset stomach and diarrhea that may occur with high-dose oral vitamins

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