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EDTA Heavy Metal Suppositories
EDTA Heavy Metal Suppositories InstructionsGlutathione-1500mg-Bullet

EDTA Heavy Metal Detox Suppositories


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Product Description

Our Glutathione and EDTA suppositories are a professional strength product that combines two powerful components to make a significant difference to your health and well-being. EDTA and Glutathione’s unique properties boost your immune system and relieve toxic load.

What does EDTA do?

EDTA is used to remove heavy metal toxins that can accumulate in the body. This amino acid combines with the heavy metals and minerals, such as chromium, lead, iron, aluminium, copper, zinc and magnesium, in the bloodstream and then these toxins can be safely and effectively removed from the body.

Why is Glutathione so invaluable?

Glutathione is a powerful detoxifier and is considered nature’s most important antioxidant, capable of protecting us on a cellular level. By fighting the damage caused by free radicals, Glutathione boosts our immune systems, but Glutathione also plays a key role in detoxifying toxins in the liver. Those suffering from many serious health conditions are found to be deficient in Glutathione, illustrating how the body requires high levels of this essential nutrient to protect and promote good health. However, our modern diets and lifestyles often compromise the levels of Glutathione in our system, meaning supplementation is the answer.

Results are highly individual and depend on your level of exposure to toxins. In the initial period, which usually lasts two to three weeks, you should take a Glutathione and EDTA suppository every three days. Then you can build up your usage and take a suppository every other day. Once the benefits of the Glutathione and EDTA supplement programme are felt, a weekly maintenance suppository if advised.

A Glutathione and EDTA suppositories are best used at night so they can get to work while your body rests. Two to four hours before bedtime take an Activated Charcoal tablet, then have your evening meal, drinking a couple of glasses of water to aid digestion. Once you have emptied your bowels, you can insert the suppository.

Remove the plastic wrapping and using an emollient such as Vaseline or coconut oil, moisten the tip of the suppository. Insert the suppository, using a sandwich bag or cling film for cleaner insertion.

Try not to empty your bowels again before morning or at least for a few hours so the EDTA and Glutathione suppository can be absorbed by the body. Extra vitamin C supplements in oral form can assist in the absorption of Glutathione. A healthy diet and exercise routine can aid in reducing toxicity levels.


Before embarking on an EDTA & Glutathione supplementation programme, we recommend you to seek advice from a medical professional and although supplementation can be used safely and effectively in combination with conventional medical treatment, it should never replace any treatment advised by your doctor. We also recommend you take oral vitamin C supplement as this aids absorption of Glutathione.

ETDA & Glutathione suppositories should not be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers and are not safe for use by children. We advise that you store the glutathione suppositories in a refrigerator or at room temperature. To maintain stability, do not freeze or expose to sunlight.

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