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Glutathione Intracellular Therapy

The Most Popular IV Treatment in our Marylebone London Clinic

  • Increases energy, concentration and vitality
  • Detoxifies the entire body down to the cell level
  • Increases cell performance
  • Supports an optimal oxygen supply for cells
  • Protects cells and mitochondria (cells’ power houses) from damage
  • Strengthens the immune system and acts as an anti-inflammatory
  • Supports stress resistance
  • Prevents disease processes
  • Constrains aging processes
  • Improves your quality of life. Simply, safely and sustainably
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Dr Joshua Berkowitz

Founder & Medical Director of IV Boost UK

Functional Health

Dr Berkowitz has over 30 years of experience in practising medicine

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70% of our patients choose Glutathione Intracellular Therapy

What is Glutathione?

  • Glutathione is a natural component in our body. It is as important for our health as vitamin C. Scientists believe that it is the most important antioxidant. It fulfils many vital protective tasks in our metabolism.
  • Glutathione displays remarkable metabolic and regulatory versatility. It is the most important antioxidant. Glutathione is vital for immune defence, nutrient metabolism, and the regulation of pathways essential for whole body homeostasis.
  • Glutathione deficiency contributes to oxidative stress, and, therefore, may play a key role in aging and the pathogenesis of many diseases. Protein (or amino acid) deficiency remains a significant nutritional problem in the world, owing to inadequate nutritional supply.

Why does the body have an under-supply of glutathione even with a good diet?

Our body’s own Glutathione levels are very often low even if we are enjoying a good diet. The reason for this is because of the strains and stresses associated with our modern lifestyle as well as things like toxins and pesticides which have become part of everyday life.

Our bodies also produce less Glutathione as we age, and an effective increase of the Glutathione level therefore promotes health and wellbeing for every human being. The key is therefore to find an effective method of increasing these levels.

How will Glutathione Intracellular Therapy help you?

Do you often feel exhausted? Do you want to increase your mental alertness? Do you feel constantly stressed? Do you want to slow the aging processes and prevent illnesses? If so, Glutathione intracellular therapy may be the answer


Glutathione is essential for DNA repair, cell division and cell metabolism. It is also used to neutralise and detoxify various harmful materials due to its active ability for bonding to noxious substances such as pesticides, air pollutants and fumes, many food additives, environmental toxins, alcohol and recreational drugs.


Glutathione helps us stay healthy. It neutralises so-called “free radicals” which are harmful waste products of metabolism that may damage our cells.


The body’s own Glutathione protects the cell mitochondria and supports them in their energy production. It also protects the genetic information (DNA) within the cell nucleus.


Glutathione, crucially, supports the immune system, reduces inflammation and plays an important role in the body’s ability to maintain the healthy functioning of all the various cell types.

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Why choose rather than other Glutathione supplements?

MitogiveTM with the unique active component S-Acetyl Glutathione (SAG), has been developed specifically for intracellular Glutathione-Therapy. S-acetyl Glutathione, in contrast to reduced glutathione, effectively protects against oxidation and MitogiveTM S-Acetyl Glutathione exhibits a half-life of 5-8 times greater in the blood compared to conventional Glutathione supplements.

In the study illustrated on the right*, For GSH, no more Glutathione could be detected in the blood after approximately 10 minutes, meanwhile an effective quantity of Glutathione could still be detected in the blood approximately 50-60 minutes after S-Acetyl Glutathione was added. MitogiveTM is therefore the only truly effective treatment we would recommend.

*Geiger R (2016) S-Acetyl Glutation (Eumetabol®) versus reduced Glutathione Comparative study on in vivo half- BLOOD life, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich)

Functional Health
References here

Our dedicated team is led by IV Boost founder Dr Joshua Berkowitz

Patient care and safety is at the heart of everything we do at the IV Boost UK. IV Boost UK was founded by medical director Dr Joshua Berkowitz - a certified doctor, registered with the General Medical Council. We have the highest standard in patient care and only offer treatments that are both safe and beneficial.

*Geiger R (2016) S-Acetyl Glutathione Mitogive ® versus reduced Glutathione Comparative study on in vivo half life, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich)

Functional Health

Your 6 Week Mitogive ® Intracellular Glutathione Therapy Course

Our introductory offer of £2,500 for this 6 week programme includes the following:

  • 1 x medical consultation with a doctor with ongoing monitoring and communication available throughout the programme
  • 12 x Mitogive ® Glutathione IV drips that include Vitamin C (two per week - patients to allow 30 – 45 minutes per drip)
  • 3 x Multi-Vitamin IV drips (to be administered at first appointment as well as in week 3 and week 5 immediately after one of the 12 x Glutathione drips - patients to allow 60 – 90 minutes for these appointments)
  • 2 x Blood tests – one just before the first therapy session begins to measure your intracellular glutathione saturation level and one before the start of your last infusion therapy session

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