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Myers Cocktail IV

The original and the best… the ultimate cocktail of goodness

Energy Booster IV

Beat the energy drain by infusing vitality and strength


Hydration Booster

Effective for those suffering from over-indulging, serious illness or food poisoning


Immunity Booster IV

Stay fighting fit by boosting your immune system in the face of adversity


Intracellular Glutathione

Anti-oxidants neutralise the actions of free radicals


Hair Vitality Therapy

Combining essential vitamins & minerals for boosting hair health


NAD+ Anti-Ageing IV

Repair damaged cells & reverse oxidisation effects in the body


Glutathione IV

The superhero of the antioxidant world


Anti-Ageing Booster IV

Fight ageing skin damage and get back your glow

Glutathione Skin Brightening

Lightens and brightens for clear glowing skin

High-Dose Vitamin C IV

The vitamin powerhouse

Performance Booster IV

Power up to peak athletic performance

Diet & Detox Booster IV

Dump your toxic load and take control of your diet

Chill Out Booster IV

Relief and relaxation for mind, body and spirit

Magnesium IV

The mighty mineral, a necessity for a healthy heart


B Complex Vitamin Shot

Essential for a wide variety of our bodily functions

B12 Vitamin Shots

Combat exhaustion by injecting energy directly into your veins


Vitamin D Shots

For when your feeling tired and rundown; boost up your Vitamin D

Vitamins And Minerals Straight To Your Cells.

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