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Hair Loss IV Drip

Hair Loss IV Drip

We often think about hair loss being a uniquely male problem, but according to NHS figures hair loss or alopecia affects up to 8 million women in the UK. At IV Boost UK we have developed a unique Hair Loss Infusion, combining essential vitamins and minerals that are crucial for promoting healthy and vigorous hair growth.

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Hair Loss IV Drip

The therapy is composed of two infusion bags; the first contains calcium gluconate, iron, potassium chloride, magnesium gluconate and B Complex and the second combines B12 and zinc.

Hair loss can be caused by a number of different factors, including stress, the ageing process, the menopause, health issues or genetics, and it can either be temporary or ongoing. Androgenetic alopecia, also known as male or female pattern baldness, is the most common cause and it affects women as well as men although it typically follows a different pattern in women, resulting in a diffuse hair thinning across the whole scalp rather than a loss of the frontal hairline.


The essential vitamins and minerals needed for healthy, happy hair

Calcium levels are directly affected by hormonal changes in the body so menopausal women suffering from changes in the condition of their hair are often found to be suffering a deficiency in calcium. Hair loss is a common side effect of an iron deficiency, known as anemia, as stored iron or ferritin produces hair cell protein. The B vitamins are important for healthy hair, especially B5 which supports the adrenal glands that control levels of hair growth. A magnesium deficiency affects hormonal balance in the body; in men it results in a lowering of testosterone and, in women, an excess of the male sex hormone, both of which can lead to hair loss.

The second infusion bag contains B12 and zinc. The latter is commonly used for treating hair loss conditions such as alopecia areata and telogen effluvium as zinc is essential for follicular health.

Hair Loss Infusions benefits:

  • Targets vitamin & mineral deficiencies that are linked to hair loss
  • Boosts hair health on a cellular level
  • Supports hormonal balance in both men and women

Our Hair Loss IV drip contains:

  • Calcium Gluconate
  • Iron
  • Potassium Chloride
  • Magnesium Gluconate
  • B Complex
  • B12
  • Zinc

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Why Take IV Vitamin Therapy Instead of Vitamin Pills?

Nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream and the cells

Only IV vitamin therapy can deliver the high concentrations required for clinical effectiveness

IV therapy avoids side effects like upset stomach and diarrhea that may occur with high-dose oral vitamins

Vitamins And Minerals Straight To Your Cells.

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