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Glutathione Skin Lightening

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that provides a wide range of benefits – to learn more about the effects of glutathione and the conditions it can help relieve, click here. A further benefit of glutathione, recently discovered, is that it is also a safe way to lighten the skin on the face and body.

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As an antioxidant, glutathione eradicates free radicals, which has a very beneficial effect on the appearance of the skin.


Let our Glutathione Skin Lightening Drip reveal beautifully bright and light skin

Can Glutathione lighten my skin?

The colour in our skin occurs from the production of melanin and greater melanin production means darker skin. Glutathione inhibits the production of melanin. On top of this, Glutathione speeds up cell turnover, replacing the damaged cells – that give a dark appearance to the skin – with new cells.

What does a Skin Lightening treatment entail?

The duration of your Skin Lightening programme depends on your skin tone, how many shades you are hoping to lighten and the speed that you are hoping to achieve lightening. This will be discussed in full at your consultation, but we recommend one or two in clinic drips a week, with use of suppositories at home for optimum results.





Multi-buy Price

Skin Lightening Booster

Weekly infusion for best results.

Single infusion £150

Courses of 5 £600
Save: 20% per infusion




Multi-buy Price

Glutathione 1500mg Suppository

Our Glutathione Supplements can rejuvenate the skin from the inside out. Either as a safe and effective standalone at-home treatment or in combination with our in-clinic Glutathione Skin Lightening IV, a brighter, lighter complexion can be yours.

1 x Box (15) £209

3 x Boxes £564.30
Save: 10% per box

All treatments at IV Boost UK are carried out by specially trained specialists and your Glutathione Skin Lightening treatment programme will be carefully monitored, both to oversee progression and also to ensure your safety and well-being.

The exact dosage of Glutathione administered will vary from patient to patient and will be individually tailored to your needs after thorough discussion of the results you’re hoping to achieve.

Are there any side effects to the Glutathione Skin Lightening treatment?

Glutathione is molecule that is naturally found in the body and you can increase your levels by consuming certain foods such as garlic, onions, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, so the side effects of replenishing your glutathione levels with intravenous therapy are highly unlikely.

There may be bruising where the drip has been inserted but this will fade and is usually minimal. Very rarely, an adverse allergic reaction has been recorded, which is why it is imperative that you undergo any intravenous therapy within a clinic that has approval from the Care Quality Commission and under the supervision of a medical professional. At IV Boost UK your treatments are monitored and Dr Joshua Berkowitz is always available to evaluate your progress if necessary.

What results can I expect from my Glutathione Skin Lightening treatment?

Results are very patient dependent so it is not possible for us to guarantee a specific outcome. However, during your consultation with Dr Joshua Berkowitz he will assess your suitability and be able to offer an estimation of what results you could expect and the possible duration of your Skin Lightening programme.

The treatment period is usually dictated by your skin type. Employing the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale, a Type 4 patient will commonly see results between one to three months. Type 5 patients with darker skin should expect a three to six month treatment programme and black skin, or Type 6, may need up to 12 months’ treatment to achieve results.

We are already receiving highly satisfactory feedback from patients that are committed to their prescribed treatment programmes.

Will my results be permanent?

Results are not permanent so once you have attained the skin tone you’re hoping to achieve you will be a prescribed a bespoke maintenance programme to follow.

In terms of maintaining your results, it can help to avoid the factors that increase antioxidant levels in the skin. This means avoiding smoking, poor diet and misuse of alcohol, stress, bad sleep patterns and environmental toxins. Obviously avoiding excessive sun exposure is also a must.

Glutathione Skin Lighten IV benefits:

  • inhibits the production of melanin that darkens the skin
  • helps the body rid itself of toxins
  • visibly improves sun damage and pigmentation at the same time

Glutathione Skin Lighten IV drip contains:

  • Glutathione
  • Vitamin C
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

For more information on the benefits of Glutathione IV, contact the team at the IV Boost UK and book a consultation today.

The consultation with our medical director Dr Joshua Berkowitz costs £150 but that will be deducted if you decide to proceed with a course of five or more treatments.

Either call 020 3095 0002 or click here. IV Boost UK is conveniently situated in the heart of central London for you to undergo regular IV treatments as part of your programme.

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